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We have rich research opportunities to apply all kinds of machine learning techniques to high quality data and make a significant impact in science. We welcome researchers from outside SLAC, both from academic institutions and industrial companies, to form research collaborations. We also encourage interested students to reach out about available research opportunities. Contact us at for any inquiries or to learn more about research opportunities at the intersection of physics and machine learning at SLAC.


ML-at-SLAC Initiative

Daniel Ratner
Aashwin Mishra
Youssef Nashed
Daniel Ratner Initiative Lead Accelerator
Aashwin Mishra
Project Scientist Machine Learning
Youssef Nashed Associate Scientist Machine Learning


Kazuhiro Terao
Zhe Zhang
Sara Miskovich
Kazuhiro Terao
Staff Scientist
High Energy Physics
Zhe Zhang
Data Engineer Accelerator
Sara Miskovich Research Associate Accelerator


Finn O’Shea
Willie Neiswanger
Harshit Gupta
Finn O’Shea
Project Scientist Accelerators & Plasmas
Willie Neiswanger Postdoctoral Researcher
Machine Learning
Harshit Gupta Research Associate


Sathya Chitturi
Sean Gasiorowski
Ryan Humble
Sathya Chitturi Graduate Student
Sean Gasiorowski Research Associate
High Energy Physics
Ryan Humble Graduate Student Machine Learning